Mental calculation world cup 2022 winner
Aaryan with Mental calculation world cup 2022  

The most prestigious and challenging competition “Mental Calculation World Cup” (MCWC) was organized at Paderborn in Germany during 15th to 17th July 2022. The venue was Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum the world's largest computer museum. Only top 40 Human Calculators in the world were selected to participate in the MCWC – 2022 and compete to become The World Champion of Mental Calculation. Aaryan Shukla from India was automatic selection due to his impressive past performances in the field of mental calculation at various international competitions.
Mental Calculation World Cup spans over 2 Days where contestants need to solve 10 tasks to get maximum points. For example, addition of 10 Ten Digits numbers, multiply two 8 digits numbers, determining the day of the week for any date between the years 1600 and 2100, calculating imperfect square root of 6 digits number up to 5 decimal points and so on. All contestants must solve the tasks on paper giving final answer only which means no intermediate steps calculation is allowed!
Mental Calculation World Cup” (MCWC) is organized every 2 years in Germany and it was 9th edition of the prestigious competition which was held in Paderborn during 15th to 17th July 2022. Due to Covid19 pandemic, MCWC was cancelled in 2020.

Aaryan Shukla represented India among top 40 human calculators in the world representing 20 countries. At such young age of 12 years, Aaryan not only solved these tasks accurately but he also solved them at faster speed to clinch the title. Aaryan topped with overall 604.33 points followed by Japanese Ono Tetsuya (559.45) and Mohammad El-Mir (542.19) from Lebanon. Aaryan not only won the World Cup but also made impossible possible by defeating Japanese team convincingly. Japan won previous editions of World Cups held in 2018 and 2016. Aaryan created history by bettering Japan in his first World Cup participation.
In addition to Mental Calculation World Cup title, Aaryan also created 5 World Records in various disciplines of Mental Math
1. Multiplication 8 Digits X 8 Digits: Aaryan scored 21 points in 10 min surpassing previous best of 20 points by Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) in 2018
2. Square Roots (Imperfect) 6 Digits: Aaryan scored unbelievable 74 points in 10 min smashing previous high of 42 points again by Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) in 2018
3. Multiplication of 20 Digits X 20 Digits: Aaryan broke previous record of 2 min 48 seconds by whopping 63 seconds to create new World Record of 1 min 45 seconds
4. Multiplication of 5 Digits X 5 Digits: New World Record of 56.79 seconds surpassing previous best of 59.4 seconds by multiplication master Spanish Marc Jornet Sanz
5. Division of 10 digits by 5 digits: Aaryan created the history with impressive time of 41.62 seconds bettering previous World Record of 53.2 seconds by legendary Jeonghee Lee of South Korea
Aaryan has been getting trained at “Geniuskid Mental Calculations Academy” under the guidance of Respected Eusebius Noronha and Nitin Jagtap Sir for last 6 years. He has won 7 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals with 2 Kids World Records during Turkey Memoriad Open Championship -2018 .Also, Aaryan is winner of Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) Mental Calculation World Championship – 2021 (London, UK). He also won the title of Champion of Junior Mental Calculation Online Championship (JMCOC) – 2020 in under 12 year age category.