Aaryan Shukla at Memoriad Turkey Open

Memoriad Turkey Open Championship – 2018

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First time at the age of just 8 years, Aaryan represented India at “Memoriad Turkey Open
Championship – 2018” held at Istanbul, Turkey
. Aaryan won 10 medals including 7
Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze 
creating 2 Kids World Records. He has created record of
winning highest number of medals in one competition at Memoriad which is unbroken till
Aaryan won following Medals

1. Flash Anzan Marathon: Gold Medal in Open and Kids category with Kids World Record. Aaryan became the youngest player in the world to cross 50,000 score mark in Flash Anzan Marathon (FAM) by scoring 52889.33. He currently stands at Number 2 in the world behind legendary Jeonghee Lee from South Korea.

Mental Division (10 Digits by 5 Digits): Gold Medal Kids category with Kids World
Record and Silver Medal in Open Category. 
Score 20.259.
He became the Top Indian player and first to break the barrier of 180 seconds from India and globally among kids.

3. Mental Multiplication (8 Digits)Gold Medal in Open and Kids category. Score 24.3368.

4. Mental Square Roots (6 Digits): Gold Medal in Open and Kids category. Aaryan scored impressive victory in one of most challenging subject of Imperfect Square Roots by surpassing all other competitors of higher age and experience. Score 1228.436.

5. Mental Calendar Dates: Bronze Medal in Open and Kids category. Score 76.