Aaryan shukla at Mental Calculation World Cup Germany

Mental Calculation World Cup – 2022

In 2022, Aaryan became World Champion at Mental Calculation World Cup – 2022 in Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum, Paderborn, Germany during 15-17 July 2022.  Aaryan at just 12 years won against top 40 human calculators in the world.

He also created 5 World Records in various Mental Calculation disciplines

1. Multiplication 8 Digits X 8 Digits:

Aaryan scored 21 points in 10 min surpassing previous best of 20 points by Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) in 2018

2. Square Roots (Imperfect) 6 Digits:

Aaryan scored unbelievable 74 points in 10 min smashing previous high of 42 points again by Tomohiro Iseda (Japan) in 2018

3. Multiplication of 20 Digits X 20 Digits

Aaryan broke previous record of 2 min 48 seconds by whopping 63 seconds to create new World Record of 1 min 45 seconds

4. Multiplication of 5 Digits X 5 Digits

New World Record of 56.79 seconds surpassing previous best of 59.4 seconds by multiplication master Spanish Marc Jornet Sanz

5. Division of 10 digits by 5 digits:

Aaryan created the history with impressive time of 41.62 seconds bettering previous World Record of 53.2 seconds by legendary Jeonghee Lee of South Korea



Junior Mental Calculation Online Competition 2020

Aaryan won Junior Mental Calculation Online Competition (JMC-OC) 2020 organized at Germany. He became champion in Junior 1 category (Below 12 years) by scoring perfect score in both qualifying and final round.